It’s BBQ Time for The Way STL!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! It is that time of year when we throw a great BBQ and invite all young adults to come and hang out with us. See our Flyer for more information! We look forward to seeing you there.BBQ fly for blog 17 (2)

Summer Flyer for upcoming Events

Our Current Events

Hope everyone is having a great summer! We are excited to share with you some of our upcoming events.

We are excited to be able to bring you our First Friday Holy Hour! This is being hosted at St. Richard’s Catholic Church. Our first one was held on the First Friday in July and we were excited to see you there. We know this is advertised as a young adult event but all are welcomed! Please bring your family, friends, neighbors, well anyone you choose to bring as long as they are ready to spend an hour with God and his Church!

We are also bringing you our 3rd BBQ! I know crazy isn’t it that this will be our 3rd BBQ. We are moving locations, so make note that we will be at St. Richard’s Catholic Church Pavilion this year. We encourage you to RSVP early!

Also don’t forget to check out our Men’s and Women’s Emmaus groups.


God Bless and we look forward to seeing you soon!



2017 Women’s Study Group

Our First study of 2017 will be on Bishop Robert Barron’s series entitled: The Mystery of God – Who God is and Why He Matters.  There are 6 videos of 20-28 mins each.  We will do one video a week and discuss it after.  We will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday’s of the month.

Since we meet at a members house we do not add our location online but please feel free to email us ( and we will get you time and location details. We look forward to meeting you and helping you grow in your faith and your relationship with God.

Annual BBQ with The Way

We had a great time at our 2nd Annual The Way BBQ on Tuesday September 13th.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and view of Creve Coeur Lake.  We had a great time hanging out with new friends.  The kiddos got to run around and play in the playground. Thanks to all who came out!

By: Diane Scott

Finding our Way as young adults…

Many of us find ourselves longing for a community of friends, faith, and just good people to hang out with at some point in our life. We find that college was a great experience yet the new job/workplace may not fill our souls the way we hoped it would. We would like to say your not alone, yet why does it have to be this way. Why does it have to be such a struggle to find the community we long for? Why is it so hard to get the courage to talk to someone new or invite them to hang out? What are we afraid of?

We invite you to step out of your comfort zone(s) and you may be amazed at what happens. You may meet your spouse, best friend(s), or some great people to network with for new ideas/views on life. You may even find a passion for something you had no idea you were interested in.

So how to step out. Well for one trust in the Lord. (He will lead you if your willing to open your heart to him.) Next try a baby step. (Introduce yourself to someone new maybe the pastor, priest at your church or even someone in the congregation.) Offer your services. (You know the person you introduced yourself to, ask them if they know a way you could get involved based on your experiences. Maybe you could serve their PSR program, assist with youth/young adult ministry, assist with a food project(fish fry), assist with a parish picnic/carnival, or maybe even assist with mass as a Lector, or hospitality minister. As you can see doors will open once your services have been offered.

Over the last year and a half many of us with The Way STL have stepped outside of our comfort zones and boy are we amazed with the results. We have hosted a bbq. We have led other young adults to mass and enjoyed donuts afterwards. We flopped on a fish fry crawl but we had fun with those who did show up. We started a Women’s Emmaus group. We started a Men’s Emmaus group. We hosted women for an Advent by Candlelight. We found a way to grow as a core team built up of people from five parishes who had no idea what we were in for. We wish you the same blessings and happiness this group has been able to bring to us by stepping out of our comfort zones.

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