Sunday Gospel “Parable” Reflection

So as someone who likes to garden and grow things this language of seeds, soil, and weeds means so much.

Wait don’t pull weeds?  Really…. You know just let it play out and let’s see what happens.

I took this approach to my garden this past spring and well now into summer. I just let nature grow where it may and tend to it the best I could. Key word being tend too. Even though the I let the weeds live it doesn’t mean I ignored their presence and disregard them. I still had to make sure my plants were being cared for. I had to have patience and love for it all. I had to water the seeds, give support for the plants when they grew so tall that they started to lean and harvest the fruit when it was ready to eat.

My garden is something that has taken on a life of its own in the past 10 years. It has changed from me buying plants and putting a few in the ground to being something I started from seed.  So why go from plants someone else started to starting a garden from seed? My love for nature and passion changed. I realized I could achieve a more bountiful harvest if I invested more time. The food from the plants was no longer just for me. It was something I could share with others. (now this isn’t to say I am able to get everything started from seed, there are still plants I must buy or get from others) I also realized  in my gardening journey that my neighbors and friends have great knowledge they are willing to continually share.

My new approach to my garden gave me lots to be thankful for. I was able to have great conversations with people on life and gardening since they seem to go hand in hand. I have been able to share vegetables, herbs, and stories of success and failures with others. I have enjoyed watching nature take its course as the squirrels, rabbits, birds and other critters have eaten away on some of my lush garden before I was able to do so. Although I have also witness many bees and other pollinators doing their job to keep my garden in great shape.

I guess what I’m sharing is I loved the readings today and it gave me so much to be thankful for! Watching a small seed grown into something so amazing that it can provide for others is truly a Blessing! My love of gardening can bring joy to all I am able to share it with, similar to how our love for our father can be shared with others.


God Bless…



Unexpected stops in life

So back in September I was heading out on a road to visit a friend and get out of the city. I packed my car with my bike, hiking gear, bible, rosary, journal, colored pencils, and well of course some clothes. The trip was a spur of the moment trip to catch up with a friend who has helped me take my faith and run with it. I was of course running late and wanted to make a stop on the way to check out a local establishment I’d heard great things about. Well wouldn’t you know it I get off the highway, only to make it to the establishment, to realize it was closed. Semi disappointed in my not calling first, I remember I had seen some signs at the exit ramp telling me that there was a National Shrine up ahead. So being the Catholic woman that I am, I pulled back onto the road and headed in the direction of the Shrine. As I got there I realized this was the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal. (The exact shrine that one of the groups which I worked with while on mission this past summer was delivery a relic too!) Shrine Visitor Information

I was in luck though as the Shrine was open! (Now I did call my friend to let her know I was running late before I took off on my Shrine Adventure.) I took a tour of the shrine and said some prayers then headed for the Grotto! The walk to the grotto was one of peace and relaxation as it was filled with the most perfect breeze. The grotto was an amazing place to let prayers just flow and relax. Please enjoy the picture of the grotto I took in addition to checking out the Shrines page to enjoy more information.

The rest of my trip was filled with bike riding, hiking, and enjoying some time with a great friend in a place other than the city.

In the end unexpected stops can sometimes be the most enlightening! So with this late post I think it is begging the question of what other amazing stops have others taken in their life that have reached their heart? Do others have an interest in visiting other Churches, Shrines, Cathedrals, Holy Places? Is this something we should share more on?

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